But would you concede there are situations in which diagnosis

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moncler jacket outlet Anyway as for some background. I 19 and have a pretty standard drug use background. Started smoking weed and drinking around 14, never went father then that. Once I got to college the plethora cheap moncler jackets mens of drugs that surrounded me was wild. Within a few months I had tried mushrooms, lsd, dxm, hydros, klonopin, xanax, as well as basically all the main stream stims like adderall, vyvanse, coke etc. moncler outlet sale I had always been pretty smart with my use except for one drug. Fucking xanax. Now I understand why some people don see the magic of Xanax, as is does best moncler jackets not make you feel strong euphoria or something mind blowing, but for someone with GAD as well as PTSD, it was a God send. My use cheap moncler sale was so heavy, that moncler sale outlet by second semester I was failing all my classes and my roommate (who is also one of my closest friends) made the decision to contact my parents about my addiction. At the time, I was mad at him but in hindsight he probably saved my life. moncler jacket outlet

moncler coats for cheap Now fast forward to two nights ago. I been clean from xanax up moncler womens jackets until then, and I get my hands on four bars and think, we it been a while I sure I can handle this. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I take two bars orally and say fuck it and rail a third. Now for those not familiar with the effects of Xanax, it basically makes you say “ahh fuck it” moncler outlet online to anything. So I get home from my friends house, and start pounding some beers because ahh fuck it. So far not so bad. Extremely fucked up at this point but having a good time around my house. It about 1am btw. Then I remember that I have some benadryl in the med closet. “Ahh fuck it”. Down about 10 bennies without any water. Then I see the holy grail of uk moncler sale OTC. A full bottle of moncler uk outlet delsym, the kind with only DXM as the active. Down that shit too cause ahh fuck it. This is about the last real memory I can grasp. Fall asleep. Wake up to a white glowing. Wtf where am I? Hearing beeping all around me. In my stupor I realise im In a hospital bed. Still tripping balls at this point I begin to rip out tubes and wires that are connected to me, whilst my parents and nurses try to calm me down. They say I can leave the hospital as soon as I can walk around the room without falling. It took me three hours but finally I get around the room almost perfect. So once I home my parents start filling me in on how I ended up on the hospital. I apparently woke up around 3:30am asking my parents for cough syrup. I barley made any sense so my mom sent me back to bed, thinking I was sleep walking. (I sleep walk now and again) she must have noticed something off this time because she came into my room and began trying to shake me awake. I was completely unconscious through the ambulance ride all the way up to 11am when I woke up in the bed. moncler coats for cheap

moncler outlet online store Tldr; don mix xanax, alcohol, benadryl, and delsym. moncler outlet online store

moncler chicago EDIT: yes, I am aware that this was all stupid. I do know the effects of Xanax as I have been moncler outlet prescribed for 2 years. Sober, I would not have mixed these substances. moncler chicago

cheap moncler coats for women I ended up going to rehab a month into my second semester of college. Was away for 5 months (wilderness rehab then a halfway house). Got back home a few weeks ago. Lots of AA, sober shit (including recovery coach and piss tests), and an early curfew. moncler usa I somehow allowed to go back to school next month, rooming with all my friends. cheap moncler coats for women

moncler jackets men All I can say is best of luck. Hopefully you can do a 28 day rehab https://www.thebeastmark.com and then try not to fuck up when you get home. I was fine on the Xans, alcohol, and Benadryl albeit I was obviously pretty fucked up. But when I smoked the spice on top of it all, I passed out for idk, 5 10 minutes or so? My moncler online store girl and best friend could NOT wake uk moncler outlet me up for the life of them, they said they even cheap moncler jackets womens tried slapping me. But thankfully I came to and was totally okay, so no hospital trip for me. That shit is designed specifically to stop serious panic attacks ASAP and the “unit” for it starts at the quarter mark, not the entire pill. When you pop a whole Xanny you are essentially taking 2 4x the active/effective dose. You can think of it as equivalent of taking 4 shots at once if not more. If people were more educated/treated it more seriously (and the Pfizer less greedy for not making it so easy to abuse/harmless looking) I believe there be far less trainwreck blackout incidents like the one you just described. A good starting dose for the recreational usage of alprazolam is as low moncler outlet prices as.25mg in some and up to 1mg for others, though most people can feel pretty good at.5mg (AKA a QUARTER of your standard Xanax bar), assuming no tolerance and ability to respond to it at all. Come on man don make so light of ptsd being an actual condition. There moncler outlet woodbury guys who go to war and see their best friend, a person they spent the last 4 years with get blown open Cheap Moncler jackets by a bomb and see their entrails coming out of their chest and then they have moncler sale to go kill the guys who did it. moncler outlet store That shit is ptsd inducing. I not saying getting your ass kicked wasn scary or it didn suck, but that not ptsd. You use that and your GAD (which I bet you self diagnosed huh? It called being shy) as an excuse to use drugs. I have no doubt op might experience some symptoms of ptsd but it not because he has it from getting his ass kicked, he shows symptoms because he built it up in his mind for so long his mind is acting like he moncler sale online should have it and showing symptoms. I guarantee that if he threw away that thought and just worked cheap moncler coats mens on improving himself he would see the symptoms disappear. I sure there are certainly situations in which a victim mindset can change behaviour to the point of mimicking the real disease. But would you concede there are situations in which diagnosis of something like GAD or PTSD is necessary? In that case, is it not possible that OP truly suffers from these? It just seems like your inferring to much about the mental health of an individual from a simple text post. moncler jackets men

moncler jackets on sale Furthermore, there is no set minimum amount of trauma a person needs to experience in order to “truly” have PTSD. PTSD is simply defined as a set of chronic symptoms brought about in relation to a traumatic event. Yes, experiencing the absolute horror of war is certainly more traumatic then an assault, but is there are hard line somewhere of cheap moncler jackets how to define a traumatic event? That being said, the trauma of having a paper cut or something is certainly not enough. Everybody mind is different, how they handle and deal with situations is discount moncler jackets different, and who knows how bad the assault is. No one is arguing that getting assaulted is as bad as war can be. I have a brother that did two tours and he undoubtly has PTSD, because he did have friends die in front of him in fire fights. Could easily been him and he is still shaken up from it years later. moncler jackets on sale

Official Moncler Outlet I would also imagine people have different “levels” of PTSD, again based on the person and what happened. Maybe he doesn have the worst of the worst? Maybe he does? I don know what his prognosis is, and I sure not going to tell him what I feel it should be based on a few reddit posts Official Moncler Outlet.

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