I turned vegan overnight and haven’t looked back since

Why so many young people are dropping animal products

Veganism is more popular than ever (Picture: Getty Images)Veganism was once considered a fringe movement but things are rapidly changing.

canada goose factory sale Vegans used to be plagued by unfair stereotypes of being preachy and malnourished, and spent most of theirtime negotiating a lack of food options. canada goose factory sale

And God help https://www.canadagooseoutlets.biz if you were a vegan in school a couple of decades ago where school lunches would consist of plain jacket potatoes and undressed lettuce, canada goose outlet hong kong more or less every single day.

But things arecompletely different now, and more teenagers than ever before are giving up animal products completely.

According to Laura, from the volunteer led organisation Teen Vgn, the prominence of vegan role models and appetising meals on Instagram has made the movementmore accessible.

Teen Vgn runs camps for teenagers, during which they hold workshops on vegan advocacy, cooking courses, and talks with major animal rights groups such as Sea Shepherd.

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Indeed, social media has made it much easier for people to find out about animal cruelty, as well as providing access to inspirational role models, delicious looking recipes and general vegan tips.

Lucy, 17, Maldon

I first considered going vegan when I was around 14. I worked on a small farm for work experience and saw the way the animals were treated.

In one instance, I was holding a calf as she was being debudded where they burned her to the skull official canada goose outlet with a hot poker thing to stop her horns from growing and as I watched her eyes rolling and felt her struggling, I thought, ‘wow, this isn’t right’.

I tried going vegan for a year, but my family weren’t supportive and it was quite stressful so when my exams started I just went back to being omnivorous. The guilt was always there. I tried to get back into that state of cognitive dissonance, but I just kept thinking about that calf and how I was funding things like that.

Just after Christmas one of my friends turned vegan, which prompted me to begin researching it I found out that animal agriculture is rivalled only by the fossil fuel industry in how environmentally catastrophic it canada goose outlet store calgary is, and decided I couldn’t pretend anymore. I turned vegan overnight and haven’t looked back since.

Jack, 16, Nottingham

canada goose clearance I had been vegetarian for about eight years before I went vegan, and I didn’t realise that the milk and egg industry involved so much suffering and death. canada goose clearance

It’s funny because people say your life changes so much, but it really doesn’t! I’m currently doing my GCSEs at the moment and comfort eat a lot! Plenty of normal junk food for me.

Naked blood soaked protesters mimicked chickens to become ‘human meat’Most people give me a hard time about being vegan but I was reading about it in my psychology book, and it’s because we’re social creatures and cannot face being linked to such atrocities. canada goose outlet shop So making fun of vegans is canada goose outlet in canada basically a coping mechanism for people.

But I always make sure I fight back with statistics and facts from reliable sources, rather than insults and opinions. We’re seen as preachy and we’re mocked, but honestly, all I see is non vegans preaching about vegans and not the other way around!

canada goose uk shop From what I see on social media, veganism is nowhere near completely accepted, but the vegan population is growing so we must be doing something right. canada goose uk shop

canada goose store Haseeb canada goose outlet online uk Ahmed became vegan to live a more healthy lifestyle canada goose outlet uk sale (Picture: Haseeb Ahmed/Facebook)Haseeb Ahmed, 18, Birmingham canada goose store

uk canada goose I developed mild depression just after I turned 16, and my diet was awful I ate no fruits or vegetables, and I didn’t even take vitamin supplements. I used to just fill up canada goose outlet real on junk food like Doritos and chocolate until I had a passport photo taken, and I noticed how ill I looked compared to one taken just two years earlier. uk canada goose

So I did a fair amount of research and educated myself on healthy eating, and changed my diet by replacing junk food with more fruit, vegetables and whole foods. After about a year I decided to avoid dairy and egg products partly because of the way animals are treated, but also because they can cause various health problems.

canada goose A while after that, I thought that since I was already avoiding these things I might canada goose outlet as well become vegan canada goose jacket outlet store and I cut meat out of my diet completely. canada goose

My friends do sometimes make jokes about my veganism, but what they say is exactly that: jokes. I don’t mind what they say, and when necessary they help me find food that’s safe for vegans too.

Drew, 20, Pembrokeshire

I turned vegan almost a year ago. I’m in a small town in South Wales, which is a predominantly farming area, the idea of veganism to them is basically insanity.

cheap canada goose uk My whole family have always been meat eaters, but since I changed my mum has switched to being vegetarian, and my sister tries to eat cleaner. It was difficult to get my family to understand the reasoning behind my decision, but it’s worth it to know they now support me. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats Katie says social media has played a huge part in veganism’s popularity (Picture: Facebook/Katie)Katie, 19, Hampshire canada goose coats.

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