Lastly, I use a combination of Saphir wax and Kiwi wax

Alden MTO through Lawrence Covell

Sure, posted this a while back:It more art than science and there are dozens of ways to achieve the same result. I found that trial and error is the best way to learn and that many canada goose outlet toronto thin coats of wax are better than fewer thick ones. Lastly, I found that canada goose outlet new york the microfiber cloths are great for the final buff.I shared the following info that may help.As for the Alden shell boots, do you mean the mirror shine or the toned down matte appearance? If the canada goose outlet near me former, I achieved the mirror the same way as I would with calf. Small canada goose outlet sale amount of wax, applied repeatedly to canada goose outlet los angeles the toe. The only thing I may do differently than other mirror methods is that I apply coat after coat without brushing/buffing.A drop of water on my cloth (cut up cotton tee) and canada goose outlet montreal a dab into the wax tin. Then I apply in concentric circles. As the cloth canada goose discount uk dries, it begins to slightly polish, the toe developing from a haze to a slight shine. I then repeat with a drop of water, more wax and apply to the toe. I do this 4 5 times before ever touching a brush or buffing cloth to the leather.I think where canada goose outlet niagara falls I differ from others is that they apply the wax to a haze then wait for it canada goose outlet usa to dry, then brush/buff. I continue the small circles with my wax cloth until its dry and buy canada goose uk its starts the buffing process as the cloth dries.After the multiple coats of wax, I brush. Shell likes more brushing than calf. Then I buff with a soft cloth. I like the microfiber cloths used for auto detailing. I heard folks worry about using the synthetic cloths for fear of damaging the leather. I always respond that by the time the canada goose outlet michigan cloth is used, there is a canada goose outlet in toronto layer of wax atop the leather. The canada goose victoria parka outlet microfiber Canada Goose Outlet cloth buffs/polishes the wax, not the leather itself. Note, I certain you canada goose outlet toronto location understand this concept but include it for others reading. It was with canada goose outlet toronto factory these cloths that I achieved my early mirror shines so I stuck with them.Lastly, I use a combination of Saphir wax and Kiwi wax. If there are 5 6 total layers on the toe, it probably a 2 to 1 ratio of Saphir to Kiwi. IMO, Kiwi produces that mirror shine much easier/quicker.With all that said, I found the shine was just too much as I wanted to wear these boots casually as well. So I applied Renovateur a couple of times and brushed out the mirror toe. I wore them for the next 6 months with just occasional brushing. I like the look now. Still works canada goose outlet authentic with a sport coat and wool trousers and just as good with denim or cotton chinos.My method of applying several thin layers before brushing/buffing seems to work well for me but I think there are lots of ways to achieve the same result. A fellow sf member achieves amazing shines and posted this video outlining his method. You could do a lot worse than emulate his process.RE: Saphir vs. Kiwi, both work well. I found that it was easier to achieve a mirror toe with Kiwi. I tend to use a combination of regular brown Kiwi and Saphir glacage wax.For reference this inexpensive pair of AE bluchers circa 2010 was one of my early attempts at the mirror toe. It standard brown Kiwi wax polish. FWIW, once I canada goose outlet us started using the microfiber auto detail cloths for buffing, I finally achieved the results I was looking for. I apply the wax with a cut up cotton tshirt and brush with horsehair but I do the final buff with canada goose outlet mall the cheapie (walmart, IIRC) microfiber cloths.Lastly, another long scrubsuniforms term sf member developed and sells his own line of waxes canada goose premium outlet polishes. Dozens of regulars at the styleforum shoe care thread have praised his stuff. I no experience myself, but am impressed with canada goose outlet vip what I seen. Not sure if it appropriate to link to his commercial site but you can find examples of his line at the sf shoe care thread.

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