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Making a Giant Vortex Cannon and Making It Look Cool

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they think to themselves: “I really need a giant vortex cannon.” No? Just me? Well that’s Canada Goose Jackets okay, I’ll show you in case the mood ever strikes.A 32 Gallon garbage can. Preferably not used and soiled (gross). The “Brute” ones seem to be well suited to this. 1 Sheet of 3/4″ plywood. Paint grade is fine. I went with “blondewood” ply from the blue store. 1 2x4x8 1 canada goose uk black friday length of 1/2″ 13 threaded canada goose clearance rod canadian goose jacket 1 length of 1″ flat bar steel or aluminum (just for looks https://www.pick-canadagoose.com , completely optional) 2 3″ 1/2″ 13 hex head bolts 8 1/2″ washers 4 1/2″ 13 nuts 2 1/2″ 13 wing nuts 1 box uk canada goose of 1 1/4″ construction screws. Not drywall screws they’re too brittle. 14 small washers to use Canada Goose online with those construction screws. 2 yards of ripstop nylon about 16 inches of nylon webbing cheap canada goose uk Approximately 8 feet Canada Goose Coats On Sale of bungee/elastic cord. 8+ foot cam strap (like you would use to tie down kayaks or equipment on a trailer. A ratchet strap would work but is overkill.)All of my fusion 3D files I used are attached for reference.A few disclaimers:I used a 3d printer for the bushings, but you could probably make this work without them by using wood spacers and extra washers, and just smaller holes in the wheels.I also used a large cnc router that few people likely have access to.The first thing we’ll want to do is trim the part of the 2x4x8 we don’t need off, buy canada goose jacket but leave the rest as one piece. Leave 55″ available to buy canada goose jacket cheap use.Using a handheld router, set your guide or fence so your cut is dead center on your 2×4. Using a 1/2″ half canada goose coats round bit, cut a 1/4″ deep channel the full length of the 2×4. You could also make a 1/4″ deep and 1/2″ wide dado cut Canada Goose Online with a table saw or even circular saw with a guide, but the router with the right bit is a much cleaner and easier solution.Cut the section of 2×4 in half two 27 1/2″ sections. center the threaded rod in it, glue and sandwich the two 2×4’s together. Clamp it and let it dry for a couple hours.Cut canada goose coats on sale a 20″ piece off of the remaining unused 2×4. Use a canada goose uk outlet torch and vise to make the bends easier. Affix it Canada Goose Outlet with a few holes drilled and some framing nails.I cut this all out of 3/4″ “Blondewood” plywood from the blue store. Both the complete cannon and flattened files are available. It all fits on a single 4×8 canada goose factory sale sheet of plywood easily. Parts were seperated from their tabs with a chisel and mallet, any excess/tabs trimmed with a flush trim bit on a handheld router canada goose outlet , canada goose clearance sale and all the edges were sanded canada goose store smooth.As for the bushings I printed them with PLA at 60% infill on an ultimaker 2. If canada goose I did it again, I’d probably use ABS and with 1mm thick walls. I did have to uk canada goose outlet ream out the holes with a drill and deburr the bolt holes to get everything to fit. The reason for the silly infill is that these need to stand up to some abuse. If kids are going Canada Goose sale to play with this, you know it’s going to get beat up.”But I don’t have a giant CNC router or 3D printer!”I don’t either. I joined a local hackerspace that has these tools. If you don’t have a makerspace cheap Canada Goose or hackerspace near you that can help, there are alternatives. All of this can be hand drawn on paper templates and cut with a jigsaw. It would be time consuming, but it’s possible. The bushings can be made with some scraps, glue and a hole saw or canada goose black friday sale even just stacking up some extra washers, and using smaller holes in the cart, wheels and cannon mount.

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