“The world has canada goose coats on sale to be a bit tougher

Norway opposition eyes tough diplomacy

OSLO, June 18 (Reuters) Norway should toughen its traditional “soft” foreign policy, close loopholes in anti terror rules and boost military spending, the leader of the main opposition party said on Wednesday.

With her Progress Party leading public opinion polls ahead of next year general election, party leader Siv Jensen told Reuters the inflow of immigrants “mainly from the third world” had created a big problem canada goose uk black friday for the oil rich Nordic state.

The party has long opposed Norway efforts at peacemaking around the globe, saying they have been a failure.

“We have tried this (engagement diplomacy) approach for a long uk canada goose time and the only thing that happens is that buy canada goose jacket cheap more Canada Goose online people suffer. We will change it,” Jensen said.

She blasted Norway Labour led government Canada Goose Online for being one uk canada goose outlet of canada goose coats the first western states to recognise the Palestinians Hamas led government last year.

“A terrorist is a terrorist, even if he puts on a suit cheap Canada Goose and wanders into government,” said Jensen. “The world has canada goose coats on sale to be a bit tougher canadian goose jacket in this conflict”, she said, because Hamas was sponsored Canada Goose Jackets by people “with a different agenda than peace.”

If the Progress Party, which canada goose uk has never been in power, were to form a coalition government with the Canada Goose sale smaller Conservative Party it would represent a major shift in this politically and economically stable Scandinavian state.

A poll this month showed support for canada goose Progress at 31 percent, the Conservatives on 17 percent. Labour stood at 26 percent while its canada goose store two small leftist government allies had a combined 13 percent.

Jensen, 39, said the government was reluctant to discuss the threats of radical Islam in Norway and said the country Canada Goose Parka was sending out the wrong message when dealing canada goose uk shop with cheap canada goose uk terror suspects.

She mentioned Mullah Krekar, an Iraqi Kurd who was ordered by Norway Supreme Court to be expelled for posing a security risk, but has remained in Oslo because Norway cannot send anyone to a country where he could face the death penalty.

“He living in an apartment in the middle of Oslo and can move around more or less Canada Goose Outlet as he wants this is madness,” she said. “What kind of a signal is that for the rest of the world?”

The Progress Party has partly built its popularity on resentment towards Norway open immigration policy and Jensen said that immigrants legal and canada goose black friday sale illegal canadagoosejacketsalesca have boosted violence, drug trafficking and led to the creation of gangs.

“We have been warning for 30 years that we need to be more strict when it comes to immigration policy,” she said.

Jensen said she would boost military spending to ensure Norway has the capabilities to defend its borders and send troops on missions abroad as part of the NATO alliance.

Jensen said she was “very committed” to Norwegian troops remaining in Afghanistan, where Norway now has about 500 soldiers, and canada goose clearance would send troops to the more dangerous south “if necessary” breaking with present policy.

She canada goose uk outlet said she would re engage with buy canada goose jacket Russia Canada Goose Coats On Sale to resolve a decades old dispute between canada goose clearance sale the neighbouring states about a Barents Sea border running through a region rich in oil and gas.

But she saw no need to re examine European Union membership, rejected by Norway twice in referendums canada goose factory sale in 1972 and 1994. “People are not interested in that at all,” Jensen said. (Editing by Matthew Jones).

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