The first lady, meanwhile, is staying put at the White House

It has been a LONG awaited arrival since the failure of the FX CPUs that launched several years ago. AMD has said it’s working with dozens upon dozens of numerous games developers and programmers to get Ryzen optimized for the latest titles Intel is dominating on so far. (Unsuprising due to the fact that for the past 4 years there was no AMD competition, meaning developers didn’t need to optimize for AMD.)Overclocking has also been somewhat of a shock, Ryzen is by far one of the worst overclockers in CPU history.

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canada goose uk black friday (CNN/Meredith) First lady Melania Trump canada goose parka outlet uk isn’t accompanying the President to Camp David this weekend, marking the 23rd day since she was last seen publicly.President Donald Trump left the White House Friday afternoon for a weekend at the presidential retreat in Maryland. The first lady, meanwhile, is staying put at the White House this weekend.On May 14, she was checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for what her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham described in a news release as “an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.”The procedure was “successful and there were no complications,” per Grisham, but Trump stayed in the hospital for nearly a week.She has not been seen publicly since the early hours of May 10, when she joined the President at Andrews Air Force Base to welcome three American detainees home from North Korea. She has, however, canada goose outlet online uk posted on social media multiple times since the procedure.The absence of the intensely private first lady has prompted widespread speculation and conspiracy theories canada goose uk black friday.

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