Tom Ripley about his comment about ‘The camera will steal

Photographing the Amish

canada goose discount uk The execution style killing of young schoolgirls in rural Pennsylvania has brought the peaceful community of Nickel Mines into the world’s eye for all the worst reasons. The small Amish community has been besieged by the media after a milk truck driver shot 12 pupils in a small schoolhouse before turning the gun on himself. canada goose discount uk

The Amish are a reclusive people who advocate pacifism and shun modern life. They do not use electricity and have no television, radio, or computer at home. They prefer to live outside the mainstream, involved in their own world. So the hubbub and trappings of a big story satellite trucks, film crews, hovering helicopters and 24 canada goose black friday sale hour live shots have been a further unwelcome jolt to a community canada goose outlet black friday already devastated by the horror of random death.

canada goose outlet ontario Filming and interviewing the victims of war and violent acts is always a daunting challenge. In this story we raised our threshold canada goose outlet , to ensure we respected the views of a grieving community where cameras are barely welcome. Those who were interviewed were willing to do so. Despite the horror, the locals almost unbelievably spoke of forgiveness and redemption. One interviewee wanted to express his views but had qualms about the camera. In the end he agreed to be filmed from a distance that would make him hard to be identified. canada goose outlet ontario

But those who didn’t want to speak were left alone. In the end we got the story, while respecting the wishes of the local community. I hope we gained their respect too.

The BBC’s editorial guidelines state we must always balance public interest against the need to be compassionate and to avoid any unjustified infringement of privacy. As we move on from Nickel Mines and leave the Amish community to grieve canada goose outlet uk in peace, I’m satisfied that this time, despite the difficulties, we achieved the right balance.

alan wrote:

canada goose outlet mississauga As a former resident of Pennsylvania and portrait photographer of foreign cultures, I commend your coverage of this horrific incident with respect and sensitivity to canada goose outlet the Amish community. It is a fine line you walk to bring the world the unbiased information and graphics it craves, while maintaining some semblance of moral restraint for those ravaged by tragedy. You set a good example for other journalists and photographers world wide. I trust you will continue this standard, and proudly stand behind it. canada goose outlet mississauga

canada goose uk Orville Eastland wrote: canada goose uk

While it’s too late to have suggested it, is there any chance that, for example, news organizations might agree to pool their resources in situations like this? The main news crews could operate outside sensitive areas, but networks could pool their resources and assign, say one or two cameramen and reporters to cover the event, with questions submitted by various reporters. It would take time to work out, canada goose outlet online and would involve cooperation by other networks, but it might work. Does the BBC have policies official canada goose outlet to allow this?

They have evidenced a kind, quiet, dignity in their dealing with this situation they do not want the intrusiveness of the media and its desire to wring all it can out of this story for the vicarious thrill of canada goose outlet canada the ‘public’.

canada goose premium outlet The public doesn’t _need_ to know more than that children are dead, the offender is dead, and the families are dealing with it as they will. I live about fifteen miles from the site of this terrible massacre. The coverage from US news organization, without exception, lacked sensitivity and was driven by adrenalin charged reporters. These organizations delighted in celebrating the horrors of Monday and had no hesitation trying to interview grieving families congregating at the local hospitals. A news person should be considerate of their wishes. canada goose premium outlet

canada goose outlet store toronto It is always upsetting to me to see news people at the front door of families who have just lost a loved one. My neice was murder five years ago and the news media was at the families front door as soon as possible, to get there, not giving any consideration to how the family was in shock and grieving. One family member went outside and told them to leave as goose outlet canada they had nothing to say. canada goose outlet store toronto

canada goose outlet england The daugter of the woman killed was only five at the time and has been daunted by classmates even now as a result of all of the media. How would anyone feel to have a small child being taunted because a story was more important that the life of a child? canada goose outlet england

canada goose outlet washington dc Some people may have customs that may be peculiar to canada goose outlet shop others. Nevertheless each should be respected for what they believe. canada goose outlet washington dc

canada goose outlet in uk Especially where the belief is not disrespectful, immoral, inhumane or direcly canada goose outlet store uk offensive. canada goose outlet in uk

canada goose outlet london My opinion is that the reporter would need, in this special instance, to draw on his writing or speaking abilities to accurately and unbiasedly express the series of events (the where, the what, the who, the how) by using words to reveal canada goose outlet store the details of the enviroment and mood. Similar to the canada goose jacket outlet almost tangible picture one gets from reading a well written, good book. canada goose outlet london

canada goose outlet shop Matthew Swartz wrote: canada goose outlet shop

canada goose outlet kokemuksia Editor Steele, I can’t praise your scruples highly enough. I am the grandson of an Amish couple, and I can tell you that many good people would live quieter, more peaceful lives if your sensitivity canada goose outlet online uk were copied by my fellow Americans. Also, a note of irony: The Amish (perjoratively) refer to all of their non Amish neighbors as “The English”, and complain when they stop to snap pictures. They would be pleased canada goose outlet in usa to know that an actual Englishman has arrived and restrained from indiscriminate picture snapping! canada goose outlet kokemuksia

canada goose outlet paypal Rhysa Davis wrote: canada goose outlet paypal

Thank you for your coverage of the Amish community and how they are dealing with their grief. I’d like to reply to Mr. Tom Ripley about his comment about ‘The camera will steal their soul.’ I was offended by his remark. The Amish live their own life and everyone in PA respect them for their values, sense of community, and hard work. While the camera captures an image for all to see, the Amish consider it a ‘graven’ image. No photos please should be respected not only for the Amish but anyone who declines to have their photo taken. And by the way, their simple life is based on the 18th/19th Century. But what is really important to know is that God is at the Center of their being in all their dealings.

Kent Smith wrote:

canada goose outlet in usa Your coverage was wonderful. It was tasteful, respectful. You also beat domestic US news sources on both this shooting and the one in Cazenovia, WI by an hour. I turn to you for all my news. However, to clarify. The Amish do not think taking canada goose outlet nyc their picture will steal their souls (someone was reading too much old West US pulp fiction and mixed the Amish up with something made up about the Native Americans). Amish just shun modern conveniences and consider their picture being taken as vain. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose vest outlet John Smith wrote: canada goose vest outlet

This is a tough problem that is simply expressed. The mainstream British and Americans have a defined way of doing things and expect others to respect that. The “golden rule” of “do unto others” applies and we should expect to hold ourselves to equal respect of the cultures of others. That seems simple enough. There are, however, problems. Our needs/wants may conflict with their needs, norms and standards. We don’t always know what their needs, norms and standards really are. And, most importantly, how do you remain neutral and impartial when you are by definition immersing yourself into the surroundings and the story?

I would say the BBC does a better job than most, and probably many do genuinely appreciate that. But I think the problem creates enough conflicting requirements that simple answers will always be too simple. This isn’t something that will ever be done with both sensitivity and honesty without a very careful think about what these really mean and what journalism is really trying to achieve. (Beyond ratings, that is.).

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