I did a lot of my training with Mary

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moncler outlet mall The story in case anybody missed it:A different outlets are starting to report on the validity of this fatal uber accident Robbie was in this past Saturday. Joey Burgess, Queer/Bar owner and operator, told The Stranger that “Robbie will be taking some moncler outlet online time away to try to figure out what’s best for him.”In a statement released to The Stranger, Queer/Bar confirmed that moncler sale online “the company learned of this supposed incident last weekend from Robbie social media post. In full support of our friend and manager, we reached out to evaluate Robbie condition and offer any help with his physical and mental recovery. We also reached out in an attempt to support moncler online store the driver’s family in their https://www.beautylyrics.com difficult time. moncler usa And then we discovered some inconsistencies with the story.”After reading about this and Robbie previous this week, I can help thinking of an experience I personally had moncler uk outlet with someone I suspected was a pathological liar. Also he only had one friend.). It strikes me looking back how easy some of her moncler outlet woodbury lies were to disprove. Anyway, I called moncler sale her out on one of her lies moncler outlet store (I not proud of how, now I older and wiser, but there we go) and she turned it round and me and cut me out of her life.People asking if cheap moncler jackets womens Robbie will admit to lying, if it is a pathological thing, she won In fact, the part of her brain that feed off lying is probably feeding off all this backlash and attention rather than it making her not want to lie again. The behaviour of blocking everyone calling her out does not surprise me. It would also not surprise me if she posted something else doubling down on the lie and moncler outlet attacking anyone who came for her.My liar was a former co worker. We worked in moncler outlet prices the men section of a department store. I was the fresh 21, gay, tilapia fish rolling into a catty sales environment full of late 30 early 60 year old women. The one in question? I will call her Mary. uk moncler sale It the name she went by, but I come to find out wasn her real name so werk.I did a lot of my training with Mary, as she best moncler jackets had been with a few different stores before settling at ours. I always thought Mary was a little off, but I was just living my suit and tie fish and didn care. After a few shifts with her, my boss casually asked me if Mary weirded me out. I told him that she was weird, but he just kind of laughed and told me I see.Mary was the busiest person. She had a nice husband with a traveling job, the nicest mansion house, a law degree, a professional photography business, all while holding down a part time position in the men department. lmfaoThe day I really began to notice Mary was a pathological liar was when she decided to tell me more about her family. I got to learn about her sister and her wonderful life in the Hamptons. Not only was her sister a college professor, but a model too.One day Mary had a weekend off and on Monday, I stood for two hours as she forced me to look at pictures of her weekend cheap moncler jackets mens in the Hamptons. Her sister walked in not one, but TWO fashion shows and Mary had a front row seat cheap moncler coats mens at the end of the runway. Not only were the pictures clearly from multiple shows, they were uk moncler outlet taken straight from google images. In those moments, I was fully gagged. I couldn believe she was this insane. She thought she had me convinced because I played along the entire time, but I really was in shock.I ran immediately to every coworker. Apparently it was a running gag NOT to tell new people about Mary until they find out on their own. I was even more gagged. All of these bitches knew what I was discount moncler jackets experiencing and they all had their own ways of dealing with her. Some would play along as well, or just nod along and find ways to shut her out. One older women would just tell her to stop lying. lmfaoI always played along though. I felt it was more fun. Another co worker, I call her Alice, her and I would always update each other on Mary crazy made up life.It only got worse after a while. Mary made up her photography business, and started stealing pictures and claiming them as her own. Alice and I Moncler Outlet got so sick of looking at pictures every day. One day, Alice decided to go for it and ask Mary if moncler outlet sale she would do a shoot for Alice grandchildren. Mary was a mess, not expected to be taken seriously. She backtracked, claiming to only shoot for close friends and family. After a few mumbles, she frantically ran away. Literally ran. I never forget it.Mary didn stop. One day, she offered me this little granola type cube? I don know what to call them, but they were delicious and allegedly vegan, because Mary was. She knew I liked them so much, she started bringing me a huge bag of them every day. I totally appreciated it, and even then, never questioned that moncler womens jackets she didn make them. Why would she lie about baking?Well apparently, Mary does that all the time. One day Mary brought in a moncler sale outlet bunch of cupcakes during the Holiday season. It was very nice of her since we were working crazy hours. She told us that she made them, and they were cute! Her plan didn cheap moncler jackets go over well though, as our boss also brought in cupcakes. They were Walmart brand, but identical to Mary cupcakes. Whispers went around all day but Mary was gagged herself. She found the best ways to ignore everyone, despite our store always being dead.Anyway, a year or two after leaving this job, I am walking down the cereal isle at a grocery store. I look over at something called Special K. Nourish Bites. Mary had been buying at least 1 2 bags of these Nourish Bites, combining them, and feeding them cheap moncler sale to me everyday as her homemade vegan treats. Even after escaping Mary for two years, she still left me gagged, right in the middle of the cereal isle.This was a tired and high attempt. But maybe some of you will get a kick out of Mary like I did. Mental illness can drive people to different extremes like Mary or Robbie. What Robbie said is pretty awful, but even with the attention she does get, maybe she wasn able to handle it and its done things to her head. It no excuse, but I am wishing her the best help moncler outlet mall.

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