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Photo: Getty Images “Red: Allure, Style, and Significance” is the topic of the 13th Annual New York Fashion Conference happening tomorrow, through Saturday, at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center.While panelists like Anna Sui and Norma Kamali will discuss red’s fashion influence high quality prada replica handbags , Poppy King—who created an exclusive new lipstick shade for ELLE—will be hosting a panel about how the color has impacted women’s pouts. King’s panel, by the way, has a great title: “Hussy or Lady: A Conversation About Lipstick and Its Meaning.”It’s only natural that King be moderating the panel; her love affair with red lipstick began when she discovered a tube of it in her mother’s closet while playing dress-up. “Since then, I’ve made a career out of it,” says the Lipstick Queen founder. “Red lipstick is the sports car of lipsticks—it’s the head-turner that makes everyone acknowledge the driver, so to speak, and provides an aura of prowess and confidence.”For the holidays, King plans on wearing the fiery lip color with minimal eye makeup and statement earrings—sort of like Emma Stone’s Oscar look earlier this year. “It’s festive, yet modern,” she says of the look. To glean more of King’s insight on red lipstick www.jensarentzen.dk , click here to register for the conference, and check out her panel on Saturday, December 3. – Continue Reading Below

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