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Right on the heels of Franca Sozzani’s controversial ‘Slave Earring‘ blunder on, the magazine released their September cover , which once again has the fashion community buzzing about Vogue Italia‘s penchant for crossing lines and sparking debates.Model Stella Tennant dominates the cover in a Gothic inspired Prada coat. What’s alarming about the photo, however, is Tennant’s waist, or lack thereof. In a rather startling tribute to Ethel Granger, Tennant sports a corset made by Deborah Milner and a nose ring. While we appreciate the inspiration for the cover shoot hermes fake , it’s questionable whether Granger is an appropriate muse for the cover of a women’s fashion magazine. Tennant’s 13-inch waist hardly speaks to current trends or ideals. If the cover was intended to disturb and disrupt it succeeded, but whether or not it did so in a positive manner is still in the air. What do you think of the Vogue Italia September cover?


the september issue

Vogue It

Vogue Italia Shocks Us Again With September Cover

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