“We knew our rewrite was something new and unique but it was

If Chuck or Jeanette or Alissa were to take responsibility for their own feelings instead of someone else’s, they would say to themselves, “I WANT responsibility for causing my feelings of guilt. What is the lie I am telling myself that is causing my guilt? Oh, I’m telling myself that I’m responsible for the other person’s feelings (the wife, the date, the daughter), and the fact that it is causing me to feel guilty is letting me know that this is not true.” Then they would open to learning with their higher guidance about the truth that we cannot take responsibility for others’ feelings. We can certainly be kind, gentle, caring and considerate, which is part of taking responsibility for ourselves, but no matter how loving we are, we cannot take responsibility for what others tell themselves and how they treat themselves that causes their fear, anxiety, aloneness, emptiness, anger, hurt, or depression..

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