But I don think the kit itself is inherently overpowered

TF Blade reacts to new Akali

i dont think new akali will be anywhere near as oppressive as the old one. Old akali was just a snowball machine. ult almost always up and get a charge off kills. Could chase you down no matter what you did, blink canada goose outlet in chicago with her stealth, insane amounts of healing.New akali doesn canada goose outlet canada have anywhere near the chase potential which is what i think she really needed to be toned down. Now that she has a legitimate ult cooldown canadagoosejackets7v , she has a gap to be weak that she never had before.Mainly new akali seems that she will take some more skill to use properly. Old akali was just button mashing a lot of the time.The only thing i dont agree with on new akali is turrets not being able to see her through shroud. i think thats some bullshit. If youre a squishy against her and you get behind, you not even safe under tower which i think is incredibly stupidEh index , I think people are overreacting to the kit. The thing canada goose coats uk about this new Akali is her mobility is on skillshots and canada goose stockists uk her Q is low range, which is a big deal. She canada goose outlet eu also lost the blink on her W, and that a big deal too. The current Akali is annoying because canada goose premium outlet she can sit in W and then just target R onto you for a guaranteed dash. With this new one, you at least be able to run away from the shroud and then look to dodge her inevitable E/R. If you dodge those, then she going to be pretty fucked. She doesn have dash charges like current Akali. She got her E on a long cooldown and her R on a long cooldown and they both dodgeable. That changes things.A lot will come down to the cooldowns on her W, E, and R, and obviously her damage/scaling and starting stats. Also, it will matter how short the delay is to be revealed after stepping out of her W (I hope it is nearly instant, unlike prerework Akali W which has a delay). But I don think the kit itself is inherently overpowered. I think with the right numbers they can make this champion canada goose outlet uk balanced.You can say it “more of a numbers game” when canada goose outlet online reviews champions have complete kits. Sure, just numbers can canada goose kensington parka uk turn the best champion into the worst, but you have to consider that people with overtuned kits like Irelia are “just more complex” champion. They are more complex indeed, but the problem is that the more complete the champion is, canada goose outlet shop the harder it is to balance. Sure you can balance a champ just by their numbers, but if you do it on a complex champ, you canada goose outlet niagara falls have to adjust “which elo will play it”, because it will be too demanding for lower elos and only high elo or pro players will play it properly.It IS good to have more mechanics in the game and up the floor and ceiling skill of the champ and the game, but if you do it too fast (every new champ and how fast you create more champs), then you create more imbalance than you can fix in due time, and you end up with patches that completely change how the game is played.I not the one to say if it right or wrong, but it canada goose outlet seattle definitely isn how they (Riot) used to treat the game. Meta champs were always shifting and a few new ones were being canada goose clothing uk brought back; new mechanics were also canada goose jacket outlet uk being introduced and the skill level and canada goose outlet london their strength were somewhat slowly stepping up. Now the same thing happens, but it is in a MUCH faster way canada goose jacket uk and canada goose outlet winnipeg with many more abrupt changes.It canada goose outlet vip kinda like in some TCG (card games), where new sets cause power creep. They not just different, but much stronger than the canada goose womens outlet cards from previous sets. While yeah, they should make interesting cards to make players want to play it, they can just make it blatantly superior or everyone starts abandoning a lot of the old cards because the new ones do what some of canada goose outlet in uk the old cards did but better, unless those old cards are very specific or also very strong no matter the meta. The same concept can be applied to champions in League.

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